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The greatest happiness on earth lies on the back of a horse. Unfortunately, as with all great hobbies, it is about buying and keeping horses. Horses are an expensive pleasure.

With our horse credit advisor, we support riding and driving enthusiasts in their loan search. The goal is to provide you with the information you should consider when making your loan decision.

Credit for the horse – buying a horse

Horse enthusiasm runs through all strata of the population and is not linked to a certain income level. As early as the mid-1970s, an equestrian sport developed from a hobby of the “upper class” to mass sport. Even with a medium-income, the loan for the horse to buy a horse becomes a serious issue. Only in the rarest cases is the savings book enough to acquire a trained horse.

Well trained horses that promote riders are really expensive. The price for a small car is the purchase price for a horse that was successfully presented in the lower tournament classes. If a horse up to class S has been successful several times, it can reach the price of a family home. People rarely get rich with the training and breeding of horses. The owner of the mare often pays 5,000 dollars for the jump of a beautiful sire. – Swab samples and stalls in the stallion breeding station not necessarily included.

Horse purchase – the starting signal for keeping horses

Horse purchase - the starting signal for keeping horses

A loan for the horse to buy a horse may only be advised if the future horse owner certainly has sufficient income. Not only the installment payments for a medium loan amount have to be considered, but also the follow-up costs. The maintenance costs underestimate many first-time buyers of a horse. If the animal is at the house, a species-appropriate barn, in addition to the trouble of approval by the authorities, also costs real money.

But the stall alone is not enough. Hay and straw have to be stored protected, manure and slurry tanks have to be emptied regularly and much more. If you do not run your own farm with meadows and agriculture by chance, you will pay dearly for every handshake. There is also a towing vehicle and a horse trailer, because emergencies in horses happen more often than owners want. In addition, the riding hall would otherwise be inaccessible in winter.

Hiring the horse in the riding hall or on the next farm is an alternative. Nevertheless, farrier, fodder and accommodation have to be expected between 300 dollars and 600 dollars per month.


Loans for the horse to buy a horse are only taken out by borrowers who really want to afford 750 USD + X per month (accommodation and financing costs).

Credit for equipping horses and riders

Credit for equipping horses and riders

A loan for the horse in relation to the equipment with saddle bridle and blankets is not necessary? This is what people like to say who are “familiar” with the special offers of equestrian sports. A saddle with a plastic tree “made somewhere in Asia” costs 100 dollars and the associated snaffle bit with bit costs about 20 dollars. Anyone who thinks he has “well equipped” his horse shouldn’t be allowed to buy a horse.

The cheap goods in daily use almost always cause injuries to the animal. Saddle pressure through the yielding tree. Rub marks due to the poor leather quality of the head piece, torn jaws due to rust on the teeth, are typical results of “saving”. A good new saddle costs 1,000 dollars + X. It is not ordered off the shelf by mail order, but is tried on site on the horse’s back. The purchase decision is not made in 5 minutes, because each saddle, at least 10 to choose from, must be ridden once.

You are welcome to save on the rider’s equipment. If he gets bubbles, he can at least defend himself. The lack of clarity that good equipping the horse is a must play horse dealers in the cards. They like to buy the “unruly horse” at a reasonable price. After a few hours of work under a proper saddle, it runs like clockwork again. When it comes to equipment, the loan for the horse is a small loan. Up to 3,000 dollars net loan, 36 months term, currently only cost 1.99 percent effective interest. Financed through a good credit comparison, the rate for 3000 dollars horse loan per month is 86 dollars.

Fast credit for the horse – treatment of colic

Fast credit for the horse - treatment of colic

Every experienced horse owner knows the risk of colic in horses. Feed changes or a “wrong flower eaten” but also overexertion … can be the trigger. The colic and the risk of intestinal swallowing is not to be trifled with. A loan for the horse can be a salvation, but the money has to flow quickly. Without a trailer, it means leading the horse until the vet arrives. Immediately load with your own horse trailer and off to the horse clinic.

The cost of a normal colic course (without surgery) is again on the order of a small loan. But hurry is required. The veterinarian wants to get his money immediately or at least know the payment, otherwise, he won’t treat the horse. Loan for the horse, as a cheap online installment loan through the loan comparison, can be in the account in 48 hours.

It is important to submit the application using the Good Finance procedure. All legal requirements for lending a loan to the horse can be completed within 30 minutes using the video identification procedure.